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Making a huge difference in 2018 and 2019!

Still make a big difference in 2020, even with the pandemic.

Between 2018 and 2019 we almost doubled the number of non-profit agencies that refer low income youth to us, served 6.7 times more youth (261), 7.6 times more adults from the Comitis Crisis Center (61), provided 9.8 times more classes (441), and spent 10.8 times more money ($13,191). 61.3% (160) of the youth we served in the past two years had never been in a recreation center.


In 2020 with the ongoing pandemic, Aurora's Recreation Division only offered a few one time cooking classes for youth and the recreation centers were only open for a part of the year and only on a limited basis with lap swimming and the water playgrounds open for youth. We provided 100% financial assistance to 33 youth in 2020, but the amazing thing was 99.9% of them had never been in a recreation center before! We were also able to provide 100% financial assistance to 16 adults housed in the Comitis Crisis Center. The heartwarming experience with the adults was that one of the went to the Moorhead Recreation every day for over a month and is continuing that trend in 2021.

We receive referrals from the Aurora Housing Authority, Aurora Public Schools, Aurora Youth Options, Cherry Creek Public Schools, Comitis (the only homeless shelter in Aurora), the Juvenile Assessment Center, and the Tri-County Health Department. On occasion someone may reach out directly to us if their child is not being seen by any of these agencies. We have never turned anyone away and we are the only non-profit in Aurora that offers this type of service.


We do have a list of other referral agencies that we want to reach out to as our funding increases.


We are definitely making a difference!

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